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Seattle, Wa

We want to share the richness in giving a new spirit to old things; playing a part in the life of something held precious and passing it along in the world.

SUNDAY BEST - Elixir for Skin and Hair, 1 oz


SUNDAY BEST - Elixir for Skin and Hair, 1 oz


SUNDAY BEST - Elixir for Skin and Hair, 1 oz



smoked vetiver / bergamot / american pine / oak moss / native rose

is inspired and informed by the Pacific NorthWest. This fragrance smells of the forest. Bright and clean - notes of earth and wood, with a splash of pine needle drenched with dew.

Developed from our roll-on fragrance, releasing online next week.  Our Oil Elixir is made of organic natural essential oils.  The fragrance is mild, but just aromatic enough to be pleasing to the wearer or someone who’s not afraid to get close.

This product serves both aesthetic and functional purposes: it smells delicious, and enhances the health of the skin and facial hair.


For Beard Wearers: Our elixir can replace the need for cologne or aftershave while enhancing the beard’s own natural oils. When you work the beard oil into the beard, it goes in the skin and follicle, acting as a hydrant - similar to conditioner when you wash your hair.  Keeping the hair hydrated results in a healthier hair and skin - keeping the hair neat and smooth - skin that is typically ignored underneath the beard.  Your beard is classy, treat it as such by adding a quality grooming product to your morning routine.  

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