We believe age reveals a story about the past.

Like the slow relieving of indigo from cotton or the gathering of earth in the ditch behind the knee.

Our clothes tell a tale of who came before and it's up to us to continue that beautiful epic.

Play a part in the life of things.

- Justin & Ariel ( W&H )



Whiskey & Honey was born in Austin, TX and raised in Seattle, WA. We lovingly curate stunning vintage with a natural and minimal perspective.  We want to outfit you in the dreamiest vintage staples you've always lusted after.  

Since 2013.


These things are old and old is the new new. Extending the life of an item by just a few months can reduce its carbon, water, and waste footprint up to 10%.

Keep it going. Wear the s*** out.

- Justin & Ariel ( W&H )