Six years is a long time.

Yesterday we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary.  Ariel's sister, her boyfriend and his brother were visiting so we took the obligatory stroll down Pike Place.  Justin had also never been and it was great to get lost in the bustle for a bit.  There is such a richness to market places.  The colors and smells and voices and chaos make for a refreshing distraction from one's self.  There's something to the fact that you can buy a $40 pound of crab within a 5 feet from a man playing the harmonica and petting his 3 legged dog.  Later that evening, we met up with the rest of our family for dinner at our favorite Ballard spot- "Bastille."  With full bellies and heavy eyelids, we drove back home and dreamt of every smile, balloon, caress, kiss, whisper, tear, and song we took for ourselves over the last six years.