Autumn nature walk

I'm pretty certain I've narrowly avoided causing several accidents on the road this Autumn. I'm so in love with the falling leaves and can't resist looking up at the trees as I whiz by.  This is our second fall in the PNW and it is even more beautiful than the first.  With the hustle and bustle of school, work, and our hectic schedules, we HAD to get out and revel in the wealth of golden currency scattered about the ground.  I love seeing the changes in the foliage during each season. The number of colors and hues and shades to be found was a delight.  From deep, rich reds and purples, to bright highlighter yellows to golden brown, the girls grew more and more excited with each discovery.  Some were as tiny as a cat's paw and some were as large as our heads.  We fell in love with our little leaf collection and intend to put it to good use.  It's such a warm holiday tradition to share with your family.  I highly recommend bundling up, grabbing a basket, and heading out there yourself before the foliage is long gone.  Be sure to have a cup of hot cider waiting when you return.