Snoqualmie Falls

On New Years Day, we visited the astonishingly beautiful Snoqualmie Falls boardwalk.  It is a short hike downhill from the Snoqualmie Falls Lodge which is stunning and sits nestled directly over the massive humming waterfall. 

On the trail leading to the falls, we held hands and tip-toed down slippery little frosted hills and chatted about 2014.  

Mathilda said she was sad that we lost Chuck.  (Formally "Charlotte Charles-" Chuck was an adorable baby pitbull terrier we found neglected at the neighborhood park in Austin about a year before we moved. We had to downsize to an apartment when we arrived in Washington- and there were no dogs allowed.  It was a really difficult decision, as Chuck had become a beloved member of our family. The girls cry over her memory, mourn their loss, and pray for her wellbeing every day. We had decided we wouldn't let her go unless we found the most PERFECT new home.  Which we did.  She is somewhere right now getting her tummy rubbed by her new best friend Robbie.)  

Mathilda said even though it was one of the hardest and saddest things she's ever been through in her short, sweet little life, she was happy that we were able to find Chuck a home where she is safe and loved.  She sniffled a bit and said knowing that we were able to rescue Chuck and put her in a home like that was what she's most proud of in 2014. That moment right there, watching her mouth form those words around her two missing front teeth is already one of my proudest moments of 2015.

With a crocodile tear in her eye, Lille said she was happy we could rescue Chuck too.  She added that next time we rescue a puppy, though, she wants to wear her superhero cape. 

When we asked what she liked about 2014, Lille said her favorite thing is every time we snuggled up together to watch a movie.  

About two beats later, I tripped on a branch, slid about a foot, and fell on my butt.  

Standing on the boardwalk, we stared out at the water. In our minds we painted portraits of the year to come.  

When we got home, we took off our coats, hats, boots, scarves, and gloves.  Our breathing slowed and our bodies warmed and we piled onto the sofa to watch a movie.  As my family stared at the screen, I stared at each of them and couldn't help but smile.  They are my corniest love song belted out in the shower and my most cherished bruise from sliding down a mountain trail.  They are my greatest inspiration and purest joy. I held them close and contemplated my hope for a New Year that- with any luck- will be exactly the same as last year.  And the year before.  And the one before that.





Never don't prepare for even the smallest hike by selecting appropriate footwear.  Or you will trip and slide about a foot and fall on your butt.