We took some time yesterday to sit down with our hands down all time favorite six year old to talk fashion and the finer things in life.  


Here are some of her favorite W&H style things:  




What does fashion mean to you? 

Coolness. And sparkles. 


What does your style look like? 

I like stuff that's kind of like hippy style... I like jeans that go out at the bottom and anything with a peace sign. And my hair is really long. 


Do you like vintage stuff? 

Not as much as you guys. But I do really like finding cool vintage purses and old tshirts and shoes. Sometimes you sell stuff I wish I could keep. I do have some favorite things that are vintage. But mostly, I like new things.  


What are your favorite colors to wear? 

Black and grey. I really like patterns, too.  


What do you want to do when you grow up? 

I like lots of different things... Music, sports, and fashion design.  


Do you think your style will change when you get to be my age? 

No way.